NIOA has a proven record in building and delivering capability. We have invested significantly in Australia’s defence manufacturing base and we are structured for growth and scale.

As a 100 per cent Australian-owned Prime Contractor, NIOA is committed to being a trusted and reliable steward of the capabilities under its management.

Our Prime Contractor role is pillared by our facilities, our overarching ISO 9001:2015 accredited operational frameworks and supporting ICT systems established over several decades of providing cradle-to-grave capability acquisition and sustainment activities to our customers. Our capability is further underpinned by highly experienced staff able to support our customers with acquisition, integration, verification, training and through-life support of weapon systems and explosive ordnance.

Government Facilities Management

NIOA specialises in the management of complex, highly controlled, secure facilities. Our extensive experience in the management of both government and private facilities ensures the optimal delivery of asset management and where possible, capability enhancement.

Acquisition Services

We solicit the best-of-breed capability solutions through our relationships with domestic and global supply network. As a Prime Contractor, NIOA has adopted an agile approach to supporting our customers during the acquisition lifecycle including user need analysis, requirements development, market solicitation, tender evaluation, source selection and subsequent subcontracting.

Integration & Testing

NIOA’s engineering capability allows the design and delivery of fully integrated weapon and munition systems for Defence and Law Enforcement agencies. We have a dedicated resident team of highly skilled weapon and explosive ordnance engineers. All our engineering activity operates under audited Engineering and Configuration Management Systems conforming to EIA-632 and EIA-649 respectively.

Manufacture & Assembly

NIOA has significant experience in Explosive Ordnance manufacturing, certification, and testing. We have invested heavily in the development of business processes and procedures to support the establishment of our tenancy at the Commonwealth’s Benalla facility. We have developed a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) in conjunction with international expert consultants.

Through-Life Support

Our Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) programs are tailored to provide enduring Through-Life Support outcomes required by the Commonwealth to achieve system acceptance, ensure safety and suitability for service, and facilitate the development and sustainment of a support system.

Maintenance & Sustainment

Our state-of-the-art weapon and optic workshops are staffed by a team of full-time OEM authorised (trained and certified) armourers and trades. Maintenance services include technical inspections, servicing, all grades of repair of weapons, optics, weapon ancillaries, training and simulation systems.

Distribution and Secure Delivery

NIOA’s capability to receive and distribute weapons systems to the ADF, NZDF and state and federal Law Enforcement agencies is underpinned by our secure distribution system. We operate a defence accredited vehicle fleet endorsed for secure transportation of weapons and munitions.