NIOA has supplied over one billion rounds of ammunition to the Australian Law Enforcement, Military, and Sporting markets. However, our objective extends beyond the sale of munitions. We offer a mature and dependable service-oriented logistics process that procures, distributes, and supports the products we offer our customers.

Working closely with world-leading munition manufacturers, we provide ammunition natures that are up to the challenge of meeting today’s Law Enforcement needs.

"Train as you fight," a catchphrase not lost when considering training munitions. NIOA offers a large variety of ammunition and pyrotechnic munitions specifically designed to provide realistic training for Law Enforcement. Whatever your requirements are, be it operational or training, we can help.

Green is the new black when it comes to ammunition. NIOA now offers 'heavy metal/toxic-free' ammunition natures in a variety of calibres for those agencies that require 'green' rounds for use during training. We also stock several operational rounds available with lead-free primers.

The Office is staffed from 0830 – 1700 - Monday to Friday so give the team a call to see what’s available.  

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