Projects LAND 40 Phase 2

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) had a direct fire capability requirement that needed to range and target effects to adequately support manoeuvrability of dismounted close combat forces. Under Project LAND 40 Phase 2, the Commonwealth required a Light Weight Grenade Launcher (LWAGL) System that would provide this capability to ADF Land Combat Force Elements.

The LWAGL capability requirement consisted of a man portable, systems integrated MOTS 40mm LWAGL System that provides precise engagement of point targets out to 1200m and area targets out to 1500m by day and night with a load carriage component that interfaces with the Soldier Combat Ensemble when carried in its primary dismounted role.

Under the LAND 40 Phase 2 project, NIOA has delivered the MK47 40mm LWAGL, fitted with Lightweight Video Sight (LVS2) sighting system. The advanced LVS2 provides a new level of capability for light weapon sighting systems with integrated colour video and thermal imaging.

The scope of work undertaken by NIOA includes:

  1. delivery of the systems,
  2. supply of spares
  3. training,
  4. acceptance testing, provision of technical data and
  5. certification support

Video courstesy 7 News.