Projects Major Munitions Contract (MMC)

In 2015, Defence conducted significant analysis of Australian munitions supply arrangements to Australia within the context of the global munitions landscape, in order to identify opportunities for improving value for money, reducing transactional costs associated with munitions supply arrangements, consolidating supply arrangements and modernising of selected ADF munitions.

One reform from the analysis was the consolidation of procurement activities under a Major Munitions Contracts (MMC).

After a competitive tender in 2016, NIOA was awarded an MMC contract in October 2017. 

The MMC is established for long term sustainment purchases with the scope of work being:

  • the provision of Munitions to the Commonwealth
  • the provision of engineering support Services, including:

          - the demonstration of the compliance of the Munitions.
         - the conduct of engineering investigations.
         - support of Commonwealth technical data investigations.

  • the provision of technical data
  • promotion of new and improved products; and
  • the provision of codification data.

50+ products are currently listed on the MMC including:

  • Small Calibre Ammunition ranging from 9mm to .50 cal Ammunition
  • 40mm products
  • 120mm Tank Ammunition
  • Aircraft Decoy Flares
  • Smoke Ammunition; and
  • 30mm Ammunition.