Projects LAND 17 Phase 1C.2

NIOA is supplying a suite of advanced 155mm munitions to the Australian Defence Force under the LAND 17-1C.2 Future Artillery Ammunition program.

In 2017, NIOA succeeded in teaming with JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH, Nitrochemie Aschau GmbH and Rheinmetall Denel Munitions to win the contract to deliver the Assegai ammunition.

The Assegai fleet includes conventional HE, Insensitive Munition High Explosive (IHE), IHE Pre-Fragmented (PFF), screening smoke, illumination (infrared and visual) and Extended Range Velocity Enhance (V-LAP), practice and inert projectiles.

The ammunition was selected due to its increased lethality, range and coverage options and improved insensitivity, allowing for more efficient missions and decreased risk to soldiers during storage and transport of ammunition.

The program was the catalyst to re-establish a national forging capability for in-service artillery ammunition through the construction of the joint venture Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions (RNM) shell forging factory in Maryborough, Queensland.

As well as providing ammunition options and solutions alongside its partners, NIOA also provides subject matter expert support, engineering and technical artefacts for the requested ammunition options and solutions.