Munitions Lapua


Part of the Nammo Group founded in 1998, the Lapua cartridge factory in Finland has a “Passion for Precision” and has always strived to produce the best possible cartridges and ammunition components available.

With ammunition that is unrivalled for its precision, consistency, and downrange performance in centrefire and rimfire cartridges, Lapua’s products are utilised by competitive shooters, hunters, and military / law enforcement operators worldwide.

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.338 Lapua Magnum

The .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge or .338 Lapua Mag or .338 LM for short, is the ultimate centrefire rifle cartridge. It is purpose-built specifically for extremely long ranges. While the .338 LM round has a strong military reputation, it has been used increasingly by both long range hunters and sport shooters in disciplines such as ELR. When the sport shooting target is beyond 1500m, the.338 Lapua Magnum is the first choice. The .338 Lapua Magnum has received a steady foothold in many Western armies and similar organisations. It is a combat-proven rifle round and provides incredible performance and precision in the critical role of military long range shooting.

4318013 9 338 Lapua Magnum GB528 OTM Scenar

4318033 12 338 Lapua Magnum B408 FMJBT Lock Base

4318035 11 338 Lapua Magnum AP485

43 M8055 3 338 Lapua Magnum AP529 Armour Piercing

.308 Winchester (7.62 x 51mm)

One of Lapua’s flagship cartridges and perhaps the most versatile target shooting round, the .308 Winchester is one of the most popular centrefire rifle calibres today. The .308 Win. round has achieved tremendous popularity among sport shooters, law enforcement and military.

4317596 12 308 Win B476 FMJBT Lock Base

4317598 15 308 Win AP492 Armour Piercing

4317340 15 308 Win B416 FMJBT

N317105 3 308 Win N558 Naturalis