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Advanced Elbit BMS Integration for LWAGL

6 September 2018


The adoption of Elbit Systems Australia’s revolutionary Battle Management System (BMS) under the LAND 200 Tranche 2 project has opened up further opportunities for additional weapons systems to be integrated with the Elbit Raptor BMS.

The GD-OTS MK47 Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launcher (LWAGL) with its sophisticated Lightweight Video Sight II (LVSII) fire control system, provides an ideal platform for seamless integration with the Elbit Raptor BMS.

The LWAGL’s advanced LVSII fire control system has the ability to output targeting and ranging data into the Elbit Raptor BMS allowing the weapons position, range and direction of fire to be superimposed onto a live battlefield map that is fully networked across all elements on the battlefield, including the centralised command and control centre.

This mission critical capability allows the LWAGL gun crew to recognise both friendly forces and identified enemy forces in real-time, with full situational awareness of all mounted and dismounted assets operating in the battlespace. In addition to its combat networking capabilities, this system provides gun crews with a simplified operational interface, and full data communication capabilities. The rugged, sealed and low-power design is drop and shock resistant, and can withstand harsh environmental and electromagnetic conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, dust and vibration.

Elbit Raptor BMS integration would enable the considerable combat power of the LWAGL to be fully utilised within the ADF’s growing networked warfare system. The value of a real-time common operational picture, the ability to send and receive live target and mission data, and manage all phases of combat including planning, briefing, execution and debriefing cannot be understated.

NIOA looks forward to growing our partnership with Elbit Systems Australia, assisting with technology integration and identifying further opportunities for enhancement of the ADF’s networked battlefield capabilities.

NIOA currently has a LWAGL with integrated Elbit Raptor BMS on display at Land Forces 2018.