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Engineers assess latest in defence innovation

11 February 2022

NIOA recently joined Skyborne Technologies, Cyborg Dynamics and BIA5 for a demonstration of the latest Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence (RAS-AI) solutions

The event at Belmont Shooting Complex showcased RAS-AI solutions including Warfighter UGVs, Athena AI decision support as well Cerberus GLH UAV including a live ground firing demonstration.

NIOA has supported Skyborne with weaponizing the man-packable Cerberus GLH UAV over the past couple of years, including weapon design support, supply of munitions and weapon components plus testing of the 40mm LV single shot and HAVOC 40mm LV multi-shot launchers in our indoor range.

At the Belmont RAS-AI demo day, NIOA’s Filip Saric, Sam Ogden, Dale Goodhew and Martin Watson observed the live ground firing of the latest Cerberus GLH UAVs in both HAVOC 40mm LV and CHAOS 12GA multi-shot launcher options. The CHAOS 12GA was developed for a three-month contract awarded by the UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) for Unmanned Air Systems in Urban Environments competition.

NIOA General Manager – Engineering Rudi Bekker said Brisbane-based Skyborne Technologies, Cyborg Dynamics and BIA5 were breaking new ground in emerging weapon technologies.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure supporting Skyborne Technologies over the last couple of years,” Rudi said. “It’s great to see another truly Australian company design cutting edge technology from the ground up, and in doing so boosting highly specialised sovereign design capability while ensuring supply resilience.”