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LVSII Extends M2 HMG Capability

5 September 2018


The Lightweight Video Sight II (LVSII) developed for the GD-OTS Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launcher (LWAGL) allows operators to engage targets using the most sophisticated fire control system currently available for crew served weapons.

This same technology can also be leveraged to enhance the fire control of other similar crew served weapons systems such as the venerable M2A1 Heavy Machine Gun, enabling a quantum leap in targeting and precision previously unattainable with the conventional M2A1 platform.

The LVSII integrated fire control module gives the operator an ability to detect, recognize, identify and engage targets in both day and night conditions through day color video and night thermal imaging cameras. A laser range finder enables the operator to quickly and accurately determine distance to target. This information, combined with data from integrated sensors (air temperature, atmospheric pressure, sight pitch and sight cant) and various user inputs (such as ammunition type, range wind, and cross wind) are fed into a ballistic solution algorithm (BSA) and used to calculate the ballistic solution. The solution is presented to the operator as a corrected aim-point on the color LCD flat panel, making first-round-on-target precision fires a practical reality.

This new capability not only increases the combat power of the M2A1, but also realises a vastly improved efficiency of fire, reducing ammunition expenditure and associated logistical loads on the ammunition supply chain. Integration of the LVSII fire control system with the M2A1 brings a much needed increase in operational performance to the heavy machine gun category and a next-generation capability upgrade to an existing in-service direct fire support weapon.

NIOA currently has an M2A1 with integrated LVSII fire control system on display at Land Forces 2018.