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NIOA have appointed Mr Fraser Winskill as the Regional Business Manager for New Zealand

4 May 2021

NIOA have appointed Mr Fraser Winskill as the Regional Business Manager for New Zealand. The first of several permanent staff members that will join the NIOA New Zealand team, the Regional Business Manager will be based at Palmerston North and is responsible for supporting NIOA’s clients within the New Zealand Defence Force and New Zealand Police across a range the technology and weapon systems supplied and supported by NIOA.

An 18-year veteran of the New Zealand Army, Fraser brings with him a wide variety of leadership and operational experience including postings to Afghanistan and South Sudan and has held several senior instructor and command positions.

Chief Executive Officer of NIOA, Robert Nioa, said ‘whilst restrictions on staff movements due to COVID meant that a NIOA team located in New Zealand made good sense, the real driver behind Fraser’s appointment has been the growth in our NZ business and a commitment to establish a permanent presence in location for two of our key customers, the New Zealand Defence Force and New Zealand Police. Fraser’s appointment represents the commencement of a new growth phase for NIOA’.

In addition to an outstanding military career, Fraser is a keen sporting shooter with significant commercial and product experience, and a regular contributor to the commercial sporting shooters literature.

NIOA supports the New Zealand Defence Force and New Zealand Police through various weapons systems including side arm systems, personal protection weapons, sniper and anti-materiel rifle systems and ancillaries, a wide array of hand and special effects grenades, night fighting equipment, optical systems, and combat helmets including ongoing sustainment support, configuration management, maintenance provision, training and test services.


NIOA is a 100% Australian Prime Contractor specialising in the provision and support of weapon systems and integrated soldier systems focussing on close combat, special operations, direct fire, in-direct fire, target recognition /identification, suppression and neutralisation, training and force protection.

We supply and support a wide array of small arms, medium calibre and large calibre munitions, special function grenades and pyrotechnics, and leading edge pistol systems, sighting systems and carriage solutions. NIOA prides itself on providing complete system solutions inclusive of through life support to our Defence and Law Enforcement customers.

NIOA has office locations all around Australia, the USA and New Zealand, with our head office based in a state-of-the-art purpose built facility adjacent to the Brisbane Airport. Our capabilities include integrated logistics, engineering and technical support for the solutions we provide, including training, spare parts, maintenance / repair, configuration management, platform integration, engineering management, technical support, introduction into service /qualification, and laser safety.

Our manufacturing operations include a long-term tenancy at the Government-owned munitions facility in Benalla, and the Maryborough munitions shell forging facility as part of a Joint Venture with Rheinmetall Waffe Munitions.

We maintain and exercise reach-back arrangements with our engineering and technical support partners to provide specialised design, analysis and test services for the weapons systems we supply and support. Our facilities are unique and provide specialised services and products to Defence and Law Enforcement agencies across Australia and New Zealand.

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