Projects LAND 159

The LAND 159 Lethality System Project will deliver a once-in-a-generation refresh of weapon systems carried by soldiers. Tranche One of LAND 159 will deliver the next generation of Sniper and Close Combat Systems, comprising:

  • sniper rifle mission systems
  • sniper surveillance devices
  • sniper combat ensemble
  • sidearm and low-profile weapon mission systems
  • combat shotgun mission system
  • personal defence weapon mission system
  • assault breaching system
  • hand to hand fighting weapons
  • support systems for each mission system

Tranche One adopts a new Supplier Engagement Model (SEM), with NIOA as the Stage 1 of Tranche 1 Prime Contractor conducting requirements analysis and market solicitation. This is a truly collaborative approach between the Commonwealth and industry to market solicitation, capability delivery and through life support for the Australian Warfighter.

For NIOA, this Project is all about the next generation. The next generation of weapon systems, the next generation of Australia’s defence industry and, most importantly, the next generation of young men and women of the ADF. NIOA has adopted a best-of-breed approach to Tranche 1 Stage 1 solicitation, whereby the Commonwealth can select from the very best weapon platforms and ancillaries, fully integrated by NIOA into the best mission systems.