Projects Benalla

As a strategic munitions partner under the Munitions Manufacturing Arrangement (MMA), NIOA has a long-term tenancy at the Australian government owned, contractor operated munitions plant in Benalla, Victoria.

The NIOA lease covers a significant portion of the Benalla high explosive precinct and has been occupied in two stages: Stage 1 began on July 1, 2020 and Stage 2 began on July 1, 2022. NIOA has also acquired 130 hectares of freehold industrial zoned land adjacent to the facility.

The NIOA Benalla tenancy encompasses the following Australian Defence Force capabilities:

  • Primary energetics manufacturing
  • Medium calibre munitions production
  • Hand grenade production 
  • Fuze production
  • Mortar production
  • Large calibre assembly
  • Primer manufacture
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Laboratories
  • The refurbishment of office and staff amenity facilities within the precinct to support future growth and production
  • The establishment of a contemporary modularised medium calibre assembly line; and
  • The establishment of a 120mm tank assembly line.

In partnering with the Commonwealth, NIOA is seeking to maximise the Commonwealth’s investment to enable enhanced use of the Benalla facility.

Industrial Capability Priorities to build a sustainable Australian industrial base, providing supply chain surety for critical ADF (Australian Defence Force) munitions and maximising Defence export opportunities.

Together with NIOA’s global and local partners, NIOA continues to develop proposals for capability establishment within the NIOA Benalla tenancy, in line with the above capabilities and government policies.

NIOA hopes to support up to 100 jobs at Benalla when production facilities are fully operational.

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